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Operate your trucks more efficiently at an unbeatable value.

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Go Paperless

Goodbye Paperwork !
Data management has never been this easy. We Provide easy access to Rate Confirmations and BOL's.

Billing and Invoicing

We work with factoring companies and shippers to ensure quick payment on behalf of our carriers partners for each load.

24/7 Direct Support

Your journey is easier when we help from start to finish. We provide 24 hour daily support. Just carry the load, We'll do the heavy-lifting.

Route Planning

Zero Forced Dispatching
✅ Hours of Service (HOS)

✅ Head-Haul, Back-haul, Trip-Haul
✅ In-transit Pre-Planning

Meaningful Connections

We are serious about building solid relationships and communicating daily with shipper-partners to help our carrier-partners succeed.

We are always planning to your next move.

Samuel's Way Safety & Regulation Support Solutions

Cultivating a Safety Culture that drives meaningful success

Get Setup

You need FMCSA DOT and State documentation for your entry-level company and new authority
✅ MC number
✅ DOT Numbers
✅ BOC-3 (Process Agent Filing)
✅ UCR's
✅ Permits (KYU, NY HUT, SCAC)

Get Safe

You need individual support or on-the-go Safety Regulations services
✅ Motor Carrier Authority
✅ USDOT Registration
✅ UCR Filing Fees
✅ BOC-3 Processing Agent Filing
✅ USDOT and MC Authority Filing
✅ MC Authority Reinstatement

Stay Safe

You need worry free support from specialists to proactively monitor federal & state regulations
✅ Driver Qualification File
✅ IFTA Quarterly Filing
✅ Motor Vehicle Report
✅ Clearinghouse Registration
✅ and more...(as required)

Improving Safety Performance to help you stay active on the road.

Building businesses everywhere - so they can succeed anywhere

Learn what Samuel’s Way Logistics can do for you.

Office Administration

Friendly support that keep companies growing and busy Owner Operators active on the road

✅ General documentation
✅ Payment fullfillment support
✅ Trusted communication
✅ Back office dedicated support

Company Startup

Ready to start your trucking company?

Not knowing where to start is very overwhelming without the right resources. We are you industry partner providing the knowledge and support you need to take the leap with confidence.

Management Support

Get to know your companies real numbers, make better decisions.

✅ Monthly Performance Reports
✅ Fuel Efficiency Management
✅ Break-Even Indicators
✅ Revenue Per Truck Indicators
✅ Flexible Growth Solutions
✅ Budgeting and Forecasting

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