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Our services play a major part in building meaningful connections that drive success – and that will help you GO further 

Now proudly providing critical services that every supply chain needs. Samuel’s Way Logistics is built on experience in project planning, an extensive supplier network and advanced data analytics capabilities. Our understanding of global supply chains and a management team with specialized backgrounds in accounting, retail supply-chain and project management drives the quality of our services. 

The carrier partner network we serve is nationwide. We offer full support for every operation including 24/7 dispatching, safety insights & monthly reports, safety-compliance solutions, office administration, and a system that works.

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Dispatching Spotlight

Find a perfectly tailored dispatching solution for your trucking fleet, owner-operators or new carrier. 

We Are Planning your next Move

We call shot-gun! Samuel’s Way is devoted to be the most reliable partner in your passenger seat – don’t drive without us. 

Carrier-Dispatcher Matchup

Carriers are carefully matched with committed freight specialists, who are dedicated to your success. Say goodbye to paperwork, forced untrained dispatching, confusing trip planning, recordkeeping and unfavorable rates.

Expert communication

Our team is conditioned to manage both daily and difficult communications. Over 5 years of cross industry experience puts us a step head the rest to handle shipper and broker negotiations, delays, detention pay and TONU


Your next move should be strongly based on market data analysis. We are using state of the art technology to match the best freight to our carriers.

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