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Whether you’re a new carrier or an expert trucker, our logistics services are structured to provide the tools you need to improve and scale your operations – Our proven full service freight management approach is successfully connecting shipping providers to reliable logistic solutions.


Safety & Regulations


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We call shot-gun! Samuel’s Way Logistics is the most reliable partner in your passenger seat – don’t drive without us. 

Carriers are carefully matched with committed freight officers, who are dedicated to your success. Say goodbye to paperwork, forced dispatching, load status updates, trip planning, recordkeeping and unfavorable rates

Our team is conditioned to manage both daily and difficult communications. Over 5 years of cross industry experience puts us a step head the rest to handle shipper and broker negotiations, delays, detention pay and TONU

Streamline your business by taking full advantage of our monthly reports, invoicing, factoring, record keeping and insights to increase visibility of your operations. Our accounting experience is integral to your trucking company.

Your next move should be strongly based on market data analysis. We use state of the art technology to match the best freight to our carriers.

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Don't drive without us

Choosing the right partner can be hard. We made it easy with unbeatable direct access to virtually immediate capacity

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National Van Rates

Weekly Fuel Surcharge : On 04/01/2023 The National Avg. per gallon on Diesel Fuel was: $4.13

Focusing on Value-Driven Solutions

Constantly providing customized solutions to expose you to more freight. Learn what Samuel’s Way Logistics can do for you.

Experienced Dispatch

Your personal dispatcher available 24/7 – We are trained to consistently secure the best freight based on our market indicators.

Back Office Administration

Our accounting experience is integral to your invoicing, factoring, record keeping, and taxes.

market strategy

We are constantly monitoring industry trends and data analytics to stay ahead of changes and always secure best freight.

quality services

Our safety compliance experts proactively monitor critical federal and state regulations to keep you active.

Route Planning

Samuel's Way Logistics uses technology and data analysis to position our carrier to meet the market demand.

Trucking Optimization

We use a success formula of 5 key market indicators to customize route planning solutions and increase your earnings.

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Find a perfectly tailored dispatching solution for your trucking fleet, owner-operators or new carrier. 

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Our proven full service freight dispatch management is successfully connecting shipping providers to reliable logistic solutions – Become a carrier partner Now

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